7 Hacks To Apply In Facebook Advertising To Make Every Campaign A Winner

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Over the last two decades, the marketing and advertising landscapes have seen major transformations. Before the emergence of social media as we currently know it, businesses were limited in how they could advertise their products and services. Traditional media – that is, print publications, radio, and television – were the be all and end of the ad world. If you couldn’t secure a spot on one of these platforms, there was very little you could do to reach potential clients outside of word-of-month. Also, there was no way to tell which campaigns worked and which ones didn’t. You would just put content out there and hope the people you’re targeting would encounter it.

Social media platforms have opened up the industry. Facebook advertising in particular provides an array of opportunities to plug products, build brands, and secure conversions beyond traditional structures. Because the world of online advertising is constantly evolving, innovative thinking and research are welcome when navigating it. The hacks discussed in this blog can help you find your feet and hit the ground running on your digital marketing efforts.

One: Consider Every Stage Of Your Sales Funnel And Participate Throughout

Online advertising entails a series of actions, not just one magical campaign. Potential customers go through a process of thoughts and actions, which we call the sales funnel, before making the final decision to buy (or not to buy) a product. Become familiar with your buyers’ process and use Facebook ads to insert your business into it at various stages.

Two: Use Your Facebook Advertising Reports To Tailor An Effective Posting Schedule

Facebook produces reports on the performance of each advertisement that is posted on the platform. These reports provide insight on a variety of factors, including when you should post specific types of content to get the best results. Use these insights as a reference point when creating schedules for posting ads in future.

Three: Invest In Producing Great Quality Images And Videos To Go With Your Ads

It’s one thing to write great copy to promote your products or services, but images give your ads an edge. Giving your audience a picture to associate with your offering makes your advertising that much more compelling. Hire professional photographers, graphic designers, and editors if you want to have top quality images to use. Take it a step further by having videos created as well. This opens up room for more creativity and appeals to a variety of audience senses.

Four: Focus On The Ultimate Objective – Conversions

Sales. That’s the bottom line and you should never lose sight of it. When selecting objectives for your Facebook ads, always include conversions, because this is where the return on ad spend is most visible. Also craft your advertisements in ways that encourage sales. This includes things such as links to landing pages and call to action buttons.

Five: Create Punchy Headlines To Draw The Audience In & Provide Condensed Information

Images and videos capture Facebook users’ attention, but the text in your headlines will either keep or lose them. Pack value into your headlines. Write them well, inspire a sense of urgency or exclusivity, and make them memorable. People are more likely to engage with ads that move them this way.

Six – Experiment With Split-Testing To Identify Which Features of Your Ads Work Best

You won’t always get it right at one go, so create versions of the same ad to see what works. Play around with colors, fonts, images, text placement and calls to action, then publish. You’ll be able to monitor the advertisements in real-time to see which one performs better. This way, you don’t have to go in blind, because you have solid proof of what’s effective.

Seven – Use Pixel To Track Audience Movement For Retargeting On Other Sites

Pixel is a tool that you can use to advertise to people who have already visited your page while they browse elsewhere. This is called retargeting and it increases awareness of your brand and keeps it fresh in audiences’ minds.

We Have A Team That Knows All These Hacks And More To Get Your Campaigns Going

You can try to get it right on your own, but you might end up wasting valuable time and money in the process. Using Facebook in your personal capacity differs vastly from the business of it. The best thing you can do to get a firm grasp on how Facebook advertising can enhance your business is to partner up with digital marketing experts. This ensures that you will have all the relevant industry knowledge, skills, and resources on your side. Contact Mad Cat Marketing to get started today.

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