8 Ultimate Reasons Why Your Business Definitely Needs SEO


SEO is a combination of methods and practices implemented in the digital sphere which aim at bringing a website to the top of desired search engine rankings. We all know that appearing on the first page of search engine results gets you a better chance of getting more clicks and more customers, and the way to do this is through SEO!

As SEO experts ourselves, Mad Cat Marketing brings you 8 reasons why your business needs SEO today! And if you’re a business owner looking to grow your business, and fast, you can’t deny these reasons and integrate the best SEO services into your online marketing.

SEO Actually Works

Unlike other marketing methods, sound SEO practices and strategies are sure to yield great results. While you may have to wait a couple months before seeing the results of your SEO investment, your business will undoubtedly begin to creep up the search result rankings when you put in the effort – and you’ll stay on top once you get there. So, the sooner you start investing in SEO, the sooner you can enjoy the results of organic searches and guarantee website visitors who’ve pretty much already decided that they need your product or service.

SEO Gives Small Businesses An Opportunity

SEO doesn’t discriminate. It doesn’t care your organisation is a multimillion-dollar corporation, or a small family-owned business – if you put the correct SEO practices in place, you will have the opportunity to reach the top of search results, just like any other business. It also gives business owners an opportunity to optimise for local SEO. More than likely, small businesses will have a local customer base, and you can help ideal customers in your community find your brand by optimising for local SEO.

Customers Are Doing Their Research

Now more than ever before, customers are researching a variety of businesses before deciding where to purchase from. If you want a fighting chance of being at the top of the desired search results, and top of their minds, when a customer is looking for a brand to hand over their hard-earned cash to, you better start employing SEO strategies on a well-designed website.

Keep Up With Your Competitors

Do you realise that the first page of search results only offers 10 spots? If you’re in a competitive industry, the only way that you’ll actually be able to keep up with your competitors is through professional SEO. Due to the prevalence and popularity of SEO, it is more than likely that your competitors already have a digital marketing team working on their SEO. With more and more websites being created every day, you want to ensure that you stay ahead of the game and on top of the ranking clutter.

SEO Is An Asset And An Investment

Think about it, the work you put in with SEO is not going anywhere. Most SEO practices add value to your website in the form of relevant content and optimised pages. This builds your site up to the best version that it could possibly be. In comparison to paid advertising, SEO brings long-lasting results as opposed to quick fixes. The work you put into your site’s SEO today will reward you for years to come.

Build Up Your Reputation And Credibility

Many internet users find that paid ads at the top of Google search results spammy and skip straight through to the organic search results. If your site is coming up at the top of Google’s organic search results, chances are that your potential customers are going to view your site as a credible source. In addition, the SEO practices that would have had to be employed to get you to this position will also add credibility to your site through useful and relevant content.

Appeal To Mobile Users

Sites that have been optimised for SEO are most likely going to appeal to mobile users for four reasons. Firstly, fast loading pages are favoured among those using their mobiles. Secondly, a site that is completely mobile friendly is preferred. Thirdly, localised content through local SEO practices is viewed. Fourthly, ranking on top of organic searches means that a mobile user browsing a search engine through their phone will only look through the first page of searches that appear on their phone screen.

SEO Is Here To Stay

SEO has proved to be more than just some passing fad. It has yielded very real results for thousands of businesses worldwide and there are very few brands that do not realise its importance or put it into practice. SEO, even though the algorithm may change and adapt, will be around for many years to come!

Your Business Needs SEO And You’ll Need Us To Do It!

No time for your own SEO or digital marketing? Even if you did have the time to attempt to do your own SEO, it’s probably best to employ the help of skilled professionals if you want to see good results. Our team at Mad Cat Marketing have all the expertise, tools and tactics needed to get the SEO results you’ve always wanted. Contact us today to start talking about how our personalised strategies can help you.



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