Forecasting 5 Top Trends for Digital Marketing Services In 2022


The digital marketing landscape constantly evolves, and keeping up with the latest trends is vital for your businesses visibility. Shifting trends in digital marketing services, such as Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), social media marketing, email marketing, web design and running paid advertising campaigns on Facebook and Google AdWords, could affect how your online marketing strategy is structured.custom soccer jersey cheap adidas shoes adidas sneakers cheap wig best jordan shoes best female sex toy wigs online wholesale wigs new nike air max nike air max womens jordan 1 cheap adidas shoes human hair wigs for sale Lace Front Wigs womens real hair wigs

Google’s Latest Algorithm Update

Before we head into 2022, let’s look at one major trend from 2021 that shaped the future of internet marketing.

Google released its Core Web Vitals ranking factors in May 2021, with monthly updates. This Revolutionary update put the power of SEO directly into the business owner’s hands. Good SEO can elevate your audience experience, while bad SEO results in penalties.

Digital Marketing Forecast – Top Trends For 2022

Being aware of the latest trends will keep you ahead of your competitors.

Featured Snippets – No Click Searches

Usually, when using a search engine, a user will type their question into the search bar and click on the page that provides them with the most relevant information.

Sometimes, Google answers with a paragraph at the top of the results page. These boxes are known as Position Zero – providing the information the user was looking for occasionally accompanied by an image.

Often this results in a lower clickthrough rate. While it’s great for the user experience, it presents a challenge for businesses. However, with the correct strategy, providing the most up to date and valuable content, and structuring your articles in ways that draw the reader in, you can leverage featured snippets to your business’s advantage.

The Rise Of AI In Digital Marketing

Artificial intelligence (AI) has made its way into many sectors and has proved to be a helpful tool for marketing. From automating basic analytics tasks to predicting online purchasing patterns for your audience, AI can also assist with SEO and keyword research.

Along with AI comes the rise in the popularity of virtual assistants. It’s estimated that the market value for voice search shopping will be at 40 billion US Dollars by 2022, and consumer spending via voice search shopping will rise by 18%.

Implementing Virtual assistants and ‘chatbots’ to automate your customer service can ensure that enquiries are dealt with away from company intervention and encourage return visits to your site. Chatbots powered by AI create a fun and interactive dialogue for an engaging customer experience.

Transitioning Into Mobile-First Marketing

Possibly one of the most important trends to consider for 2022 is keeping your website and online content optimised for use on tablets and smartphones. Responsive website design, mobile app development, carefully structured social media marketing strategies, and utilising accelerated mobile pages (AMPs) are all essential services for making sure your business information is mobile friendly and accessible.

Alternatives To Third Party Cookies

Privacy is in the spotlight, and customers are demanding more control over their data. Google plans to phase out support for third-party cookies. This means marketers will need to increase efforts into gathering first-party data through personalisation, Consumer Relations Management (CRM) tools and interactive content.

Multi-Channel Marketing

Connecting with your customers today requires multiple channels of interaction. A fully optimised digital marketing strategy uses all platforms. Think about using blogging, social media and email marketing, webinars and WhatsApp groups to create an immersive customer experience and create a loyal customer base.

An integrated approach should utilise as many platforms as possible while still staying true to your brand’s voice and identity.

Through the post-pandemic digital landscape and beyond, businesses need to adapt their online marketing strategy accordingly. The most efficient way is by outsourcing digital marketing services to agencies with proven track records when it comes to forecasting the latest trends and maximising return on investment,

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