James Gibson Testimonial

A short video interview with the client

A transcript of the video

James Gibson:

My name is James. I’m from Panda Clean Australia. We are a small domestic cleaning and carpet cleaning company based out of Newcastle.

Before we started working with Mad Cat Marketing, we had a very strong domestic cleaning client base, so it was quite a successful part of our business though we wanted to drive up our carpet cleaning. I was relying on my own ability with the social media marketing to drive up that carpet cleaning side of the business without a whole lot of success to get any pipeline or continued business in place.

I was a bit nervous about working with an agency initially just because the funds we were outlaying for our advertising I like to be in control of. I like to know where the money was getting spent and what we were physically doing with it as a small business. I didn’t want to try to rely too heavily on another individual that wasn’t part of our company.


The initial results we've had from working with Mad Cat Marketing have been phenomenal. So, in the first couple of weeks, we were getting a business coming in just left, right and centre. And now, I've got an established pipeline of clients and we've got our carpet cleaning business about two weeks in advance booked out currently.

I’d recommend Mad Cat Marketing for just the ease of use and the results you do get from them. It’s simply contacting Mitch to get a result, say, I want to change something up in the advertising. He just responds to it really quickly. His knowledge and his ability to turn my advertising budget into an actual profit is just phenomenal.