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We are a small marketing consulting agency based in the Hunter Valley.

We provide quality and affordable marketing to small and medium sized businesses.

Our skills range from Marketing Strategy to Social Media Marketing and everything in between. Whatever your marketing needs are, we have got you covered.


We can help with almost any form of marketing you could dream up, but here’s just a few that we’re great at.

Marketing Plans and Strategy

At Mad Cat Marketing we believe that in order to achieve your goals you need a plan! That’s why we work closely with you to develop your marketing strategy from beginning to end. We focus on your end goal and workout how you can achieve it.

Brand Awareness

Your brand is a significant part of your business and it is important that potential customers associate it with the correct product or service. We at Mad Cat Marketing will assist to build your brand’s awareness and ensure that the right message is being delivered to the right market.

Social Media Marketing

Are you overwhelmed by all of the Social Media options out there? Allow Mad Cat Marketing to guide you through this sea of options. We will work closely with you to discover which social media sites work best for you and your business. We can also assist to develop a communications schedule and if it is all still too overwhelming, we can manage these social media sites for you.

Digital Marketing

Are you daunted by the rapid advancements in digital marketing or the plethora of options available? Mad Cat Marketing will help to sort through the multitude of options and determine what is best suited to your needs.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is an essential tool when communicating with your customers so it is important to be sending the right message. Mad Cat Marketing can assist to develop an appropriate strategy to deliver relevant information to relevant people.

Direct Marketing

Direct Marketing is an important technique when it comes to growing sales. Mad Cat Marketing can assist will developing a tailored strategy that will incorporate a mix of relevant mediums to communicate directly with your customers.


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