Turbo Boosting Email Marketing Results With A Mailchimp Expert Partner Agency

Mailchimp has been a Mad Cat email marketing service provider for many years because it has worked well from the start, is simple and clients love its user interface. As a Mailchimp Partner Agency and long-term expert, our clients have benefited from our Mailchimp best-in-class email marketing projects. Our clients’ overall marketing strategies benefit from automated marketing services, advanced triggered campaigns, customised templates, timers, embedded forms and more.  The significant increase in clients’ conversion rates and total R.O.I. has resulted in very happy clients.

Here is how Mailchimp strengthens your marketing results:

Improving Your Email Engagement

Mailchimp is a superb tool for designing and distributing engaging emails. Not only does it manage your subscribers but also tracks the campaign data.

We recommend you consult your Mailchimp partner agency when setting up your email marketing campaign to ensure the correct audience is reached. An expert can then fully customise it to address your business needs.

➤Using An Expert

An expert will get your account setup quickly thereby allowing you to populate your subscribers list swiftly. They will help with automations, list migration, custom forms, audience segmentation, reporting, email design, merge tags, video and A/B testing.

Through Mailchimp, the expert can create Workflows to automate your shipments and segment them so shipment customisation is maximised.
Reports would be automated via e.g.Google Analytics to give strategic insights into your email campaign and other marketing channels. This gives you traceability of the impact of your campaigns.

➤ Ease Of Design

The customising of templates is important for each brand to ensure brand individuality. The email templates are mobile-friendly, easily branded and reusable. Mailchimp templates really speed up the designing and coding process. You then populate the custom templates with your marketing communication.

➤ Direct Integrations

With Mailchimp, your subscriber list can be integrated with your website and have data synchronized with other apps. Multiple direct integrations are possible and your Mailchimp partner agency expert can use Application Programming Interface. API determines communications between multiple software intermediaries. It stipulates types of requests allowed as well as the “how”, the format, the conventions and connects into your CRM.

➤ List Verification Facility

List verification is vital. An industry guiding statistic shows 25% of email addresses collated are erroneous. Ensuring email addresses validity increases engagement rates and improves your reputation with mailbox providers thus avoiding you being blocked. It also drives up your conversion rates. 25% of errors in your database can long term equate to 1000s of % loss of R.O.I. It is essential for any serious email marketer.


We provide needs-specific Mailchimp training for our customers as well as continually training ourselves. As a Mailchimp agency partner, we ensure our mastery of the tool is superior.

Full Service Marketing Solutions

Mailchimp recently developed a platform to be an always-on marketing platform. It can assist you with Google remarketing ads, Facebook ads, Instagram ads, and more. One feature, called Postcard, facilitates you sending a greeting in real life.

In addition to being a Mailchimp agency partner expert we, at Mad Cat Marketing, handle the full details of clients’ marketing campaigns across the board. 

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