Facebook advertising allows businesses of all sizes to advertise their products, services and brand effectively to highly targeted custom audiences based on demographics, interests & behaviours as well as through website traffic & email marketing databases

Mad Cat Marketing is a social media & Facebook advertising agency based in Newcastle, Australia. Our Social Media Agency offer businesses a comprehensive range of social media marketing services, aimed at helping you connect effectively with your target audience and attract new customers on social media platforms.

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Our extensive range of social media marketing services are all completely customised to your specific business model, target market and industry, ensuring that your brand sends the right message to the right people.

Full Sales Funnel Build

Facebook ads are rocket fuel for business growth but that doesn't mean you can overlook the rest of your sales funnel. We'll review your website, landing pages and email marketing strategy to ensure every touchpoint is optimised for success.

Lead Nurture

In sectors with longer buying cycles, lead nurture is as important as lead generation. Whether it's developing and sending email marketing campaigns, or creating targeted written content, our team of copywriters, website designers and developers can help.

Facebook Ads Management

Many agencies use flat, one-size-fits-all advertising strategies on Facebook. Our dynamic retargeting strategies lay out a scalable roadmap to take cold audiences through each stage of the sales funnel until they're primed and ready to buy.

Facebook Messenger
Chatbot Builds

Simplify lead generation by adding a custom Chatbot to your Facebook ads strategy! Offer downloadable travel guides, book property viewings, host interactive quizzes to qualify audiences for your professional services and so much more!

Video Content Creation

Our in-house photographer is also a licensed drone pilot and seasoned traveller. He specialises in creating thumb-stopping content designed to evoke an emotional response that raises awareness and familiarity of your brand.

Digital Marketing

Looking for a strategic blueprint that your in-house team can run with? Stop throwing good money after bad and hire our award-winning strategists to work alongside your team to create a 6 or 12 month roadmap for digital marketing success.


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