Frustrated With Not Ranking On The First Page of Google?

SEO is meant to get you to the top, right? Well, it can, but it takes time and months of hard work to achieve your desired results. Pay-per-click advertising gives you far more control over where your site will appear when it comes to search results.

However, PPC ads are not the easiest to manage yourself, and you’ll get a lot more out of your advertising budget if you employ the help of professionals!

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Google Ads Management Services in NEWCASTLE

Google Ads can do wonders in bringing your website to the top of Google search results and will ensure that your website reaches your ideal target audience, giving you more clicks and more sales. Crush your competition. Take your business to the forefront with an unmatched Google Ads campaign.

With the right team at the helm of your Google Ads, you can rest assured that PPC ads will represent your business correctly and attract your perfect customer.

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Our Approach to Google Ads Management

Our team of Google Ads whizzes understands what it takes to develop a great Google advertising strategy for your business. We work hand-in-hand with you to deliver goal crushing ads that are highly targeted and profitable.

‚짬†Research & Discover

In the initial stages, we take the time to truly understand and research your business, to ensure we have an understanding of its complexities, target audience and industry.

‚짬†Competitive Research

We use industry-leading software SEMrush to research and analyse the digital advertising footprint of your competitor’s campaigns identifying any opportunities to take advantage of, and how we can put you a step ahead of your competitors.

‚짬†Comprehensive Account Analysis (Only for Existing Accounts)

Exisiting Google Ad campaigns can provide invaluable data to assist our Google Ads Specialists with developing a successful campaign. A comprehensive review of historical data will be undertaken to identify any opportunities.

‚ě§ Build Strategy & Campaign

Our research and analysis will assist to develop an effective PPC strategy. Our Google Ads specialists draft a complete action plan and strategies that will deliver the best results to achieve your business goals.

‚ě§ Optimize, Grow & Repeat

Campaign Ads will be tested using A/B testing methods to determine which ads lead to the highest clickthrough and conversion rates. Our experts will make sure that your Google Ads campaign is properly optimised to achieve business goals.

‚짬†Conversion Tracking & ROI Analysis

Our reports show which keywords are creating leads or sales and which are not. We monitor this to ensure we are focusing on the keywords that are working best and targeting specific phrases. Our analysis allows us to always do better.

How Do We Do What We Do When It Comes To Google Ads Management

When it comes to Google ads, there are so many things that need to done, including:

Who Makes Use Of Our Campaigns?

Our highly professional and experienced team has worked with clients whose brands fall under a wide variety of sectors. At Mad Cat Marketing, we work with:

FREE 30 Day Google Ads Management Trial

If you‚Äôre still not sure if our Google Ad Management services will truly benefit your business, why not make use of our FREE Google Ads Management Trial? For 30 days, our team will manage your Google ads account and show you the results that we can achieve when you hand over the reins. Say ‚Äėyes‚Äô to this awesome opportunity today!

This special is running for a limited time only, and the customer will still need to pay their ad spend directly to Google.

8 Common Google Ads Mistakes & How To Avoid Them

Google Ads Campaigns We Can Manage

Google Search Network

Google Search Network

Remarketing / Retargeting Ads

Remarketing / Retargeting Ads

Google Shopping Ads

Google Shopping Ads

Mobile Only Ads

Mobile Only Ads

Google Display Network

Google Display Network

YouTube Video Ads

YouTube Video Ads


PPC stands for pay-per-click, which means that you only pay for the number of people that click on your ads. The amount you pay will depend on the search terms and keywords that you have used in your ad.

Yes! PPC ads and SEO work wonders in unison. To get the most out of your website, and get the most clicks, sales and repeat customers, it is recommended that you use PPC advertising in conjunction with sound SEO practices.

Unlike SEO, PPC Ads can begin to take effect almost immediately. You have control over the timeframe that these ads run for.

It’s recommended that you run your PPC ads on Google. While other platforms do offer PPC services, Google is the most widely used browser, and you’ll experience the best results on this platform.


Are you looking to take your brand to the top by using Google PPC ads? Mad Cat marketing has a professional and innovative team that can help you get there! Feel free to get in touch with us today, and we can start discussing all of your Google Ads Management needs.