Lisa Brock Testimonial

A short video interview with the client

A transcript of the video

Lisa Brock:

Before we started working with Mad Cat Marketing, we really were managing all of our marketing needs in house, which wasn’t overly successful. We didn’t have the skills, we didn’t have the time, and we didn’t really understand the industry and how best to promote ourselves as a community service.

We were a bit hesitant about working with an agency due to our community funding. We don’t have a lot of excess money and it was a little bit concerning, I guess, if we had to spend a lot of money to get what we needed from our marketing.

So the results we've seen have been amazing. Mitch has just been able to really find the essence of Singleton Family Support. And we've recently updated our website and we're starting with a new promotion to try and get partners on board. So without Mitch's creativity and matching the website so well to our service, we wouldn't have been able to do this.

I would wholeheartedly recommend Mad Cat Marketing because of the experience we had with Mitch. Mitch was really easy to get along with, he personalized the service and he spent the time with us to get the true essence of what family support was about and how to reflect that in our new website and our social media campaigns.