Michael Hatcher Testimonial

A short video interview with the client

A transcript of the video

Michael Hatcher:

My name is Michael Hatcher. I’m a qualified winemaker and I run a wine business in regional New South Wales.

We had challenges, particularly, in the direct-to-customer area of our business, selling wines directly to our consumers and reaching out to them with stories and offers. We found it difficult to cover that with the internal staff that we have, whether it’s a long-term project that requires a lot of planning or quick turnaround, email marketing, social media marketing, to get the results in a short period of time, which we need to chase opportunities. That’s why we use Mad Cat. In our business, in the wine business, we’re really trying to build brand equity.

And so, one of the key strengths of what Mad Cat can assist us with is, delivering that message, that brand message, direct to our consumers, through a number of channels. And so, that for us is very exciting. When we pull up on the street or at wine fairs, people say, yes, we saw your brand. Yes, we read that story.

I would recommend Mad Cat Marketing because they really have a desire to understand your business and they have a desire to understand your customers.