5 Great Reasons To Invest In Mobile Optimisation in 2020


Finding it difficult to generate more traffic for your website?

Need to find a reliable way that is easy and effective at increasing your website visibility?

Or maybe you just want to generate new leads and close more deals?

If that is the case, then you need to invest in mobile optimisation. With more searches occuring on mobile devices than desktop, the shift to smart phone searching has already happened.

Today, most customers use their mobile devices to shop for products online. In fact, studies show that over 80% of people who search for a local business using their smartphone will visit a store within 24 hours.

Consumers also use the mobile channels to seek services and to compare prices of things that they need. That’s why, in 2016, global mobile traffic went up by 63%.

Mobile optimisation ensures you can be found when these people go looking online.

If you don’t invest in mobile optimisation your website loses the opportunity of generating more traffic. The most popular brands in the world have mobile-friendly websites, that is why it is easy for them to generate new leads. That allows their customers to access their services on the go, anywhere they go.

If you want to get more clicks, calls and customers, here are 5 reasons why mobile optimisation has to be part of your marketing strategy.

#1 – Reach Out To More Customers

Today, more people use the online platform to look for products and services that they need. In fact, there are 3.5 billion searches on Google every day.

They use their mobile devices, including tablets and smartphones, to do this. That is why you need a mobile optimised website so that they can easily access your website using any device.

Failing to invest in mobile optimisation means losing sales and traffic. Your website will be limited in generating traffic and new leads.

With mobile searches for ‘near me’ growing by 500% in the past year, it’s clear that being available on mobile helps you reach out to more customers.

#2 – Generate More Revenue

More sales results in high revenue for your brand. In the year 2017, the majority of eCommerce revenue was generated through mobile sales. Moreover, mobile sales are expected to increase from 34.5% to 53.9% by the year 2021.

Investing in mobile optimisation can help you increase your conversion rates as well as your total revenue.

Think of your favourite retail brands. Odds are they have highly advanced mobile sites because they know the revenue-driving value. These websites offer great shopping experiences.

In 2021, mobile is expected to eclipse desktop for online sales. So make sure your site is mobile friendly to take advantage.

#3 – Generate More Traffic

Another factor that you need to acknowledge is that mobile-friendly websites perform better than websites that are not mobile optimised.

As a result, mobile-optimised websites generate more traffic as well as backlinks.

Your website can generate more traffic when it is easy to find online. By getting more traffic, you will automatically increase your brand’s awareness.

#4 – Improve Your SEO

Mobile-optimised websites are usually favored by search engines. In 2016, Google launched an algorithm update that boosts the ranking of websites that are responsive to mobile search results.

You want to find out whether your website is mobile optimised or not? Just take Google’s Mobile-Friendly Test and you will get your answer.

However, how well your website is mobile optimised depends on the technical skills you have. If you do not have any technical skills, then you can choose to hire an SEO expert who is experienced in this type of work.

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Furthermore, different strategies are required for mobile pages. They are also required to have bolded CTA buttons, load faster and have shorter headlines. Also, make sure that you meet all the requirements for the image size as well as the minimalist design.

Mobile eCommerce label Tow and Line suggest paying close attention to your images. They say “we have a number of products, so product pages contain a lot of images. We hadn’t properly optimised them at first and the load speed of our site suffered. Make sure you compress your images and reduce the file size as much as possible to help your mobile site load fast. That will also help your SEO.”

#5 – Increase Your Visibility On Social Media

Most people spend their time on smartphones and tablets. In fact, the average adult will spend roughly 2 hours and 55 minutes on their smartphone EVERY day.

That is why you need to make sure that your website is mobile-friendly so that you can reach out to more customers.

Furthermore, social media signals are used as a ranking factor by Google (don’t believe articles that say they’re not, the more shares you get the better your traffic will be and THAT helps SEO).

That means a website that is poorly optimised will be ranked low in Google search results. As a result, that website will get a few likes, shares, exposure and traffic.

Are you ready to be found on mobile?

By investing in mobile optimisation, you will generate more traffic for your website and increase your brand’s visibility.

Mobile optimisation is not an easy task, but with the help of an SEO expert, you will have your website mobile optimized within a short period.

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Written by: Kevin Miller



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