How Has Social Media Changed Over The Last Decade?

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Looking back over the last decade we, as a social media agency in Newcastle, can confidently say that life seemed less complex. Something else that was less complex was the number of marketing channels and, you guessed it, social media platforms.

What a miscellany explosion it has been and so globally transfusing!

No filters and face enhancers on pictures were available, no commercials popping up or carefully targeted adverts and certainly no social media influencers. Live streaming was something that news reporters did from a news event to their head office studio. Remember those days?

The Evolution

Social media has intensified from a communication medium to an egoistic display to garner attention. Expensive data plans, breakfast photos on Facebook, and Likes’ loads have been replaced with complete societal immersion. Influencers can sway 100’s of thousands of followers to make choices, and our information privacy has never been so weak.

Ten years ago, there were less than 1 billion users of social media in total. Since then, Myspace has been trampled by Facebook with its 2.8 billion users, and YouTube is nipping at its heels with 1.86 billion users, followed by Instagram (1 billion users). Twitter comes in at 4th place having consumed Vine (remember that?) in 2012 and then shutting it in 2016 in the face of the threat from Instagram.

TikTok is the new kid on the block having boomed during 2020 and the intense focus created by lockdowns. It was already soaring in 2019 have crossed the 1 billion user mark. Its demographic is predominantly teenagers but is proving to be a mighty beast of Influencer strength. This is definitely the platform to watch.

Reddit, Pinterest and LinkedIn are not to be scoffed at, with user numbers in the range of 300 million active each. These apps are conservative, don’t get into political lawsuits and supply a reliable, steady service.


Gone are the days of sharing photos of your boring day. There is now a massive demand for entertaining and time-filling content. The proportion of users consuming curated videos and reading news stories has risen sharply and continues to do so.

Consumers are accessing and demanding full information details and services on companies via social media apps. This could be in the form of news updates, customer service agents, or details on the latest products. There are less random sharing and activity by users, but the brands will be seen online as users scroll constantly. Now is the time to adjust to the new opportunities and make sure your campaigns are interactive. Catch their eye, their interest and their favourite topic, and you might have a viral campaign on your hands within hours. Creating engaging content for your social media campaigns can be made easy with the help of essay writing agency at Darwinessay.net. They can also assist you with your academic writing needs, so be sure to check out their website.

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