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How eCommerce Web Design will Compete With The Resurgence Of Brick And Mortar Shopping

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Businesses in 2021 were focused on responding to the continual upward trend of eCommerce expansion and dealing with the reopening of physical spaces. Last year was all about digital transformation; 2022 will be about innovation, differentiation and consumer expectations.custom bowling jerseys nike air max women nike air max 270 adidas yeezy slide stores custom baseball jersey sex toys online adidas yeezy foam runner mens nfl jerseys cheap adidas yeezy boost 700 nfl jerseys nike air jordan black and white nike air jordan womens high top san francisco 49ers jersey chicago bears nfl kansas city chiefs 

Competition in the physical retail sector is fierce, yet consumers are looking for more choice and convenience. Keeping up with the newest eCommerce trends is necessary since customer behaviour continuously changes. As a result of this shift, product launches are no longer limited to a physical sphere.

Below we explore the top eCommerce web design trends that show that online shopping stands in a league of its own.

Meet The Customer Where They Are With Social Commerce

The first competitive advantage eCommerce platforms have against physical stores is the ability to meet the consumer where they are. Businesses who wish to appeal to the younger generations should be aware that, according to a recent poll, 55.5 %of customers aged 18-24 and 48.7 % of consumers aged 25-34 indicated that they had completed at least one purchase on social media in 2021. If you haven’t begun selling on social media yet, chances are your competitors have or are intending to.

Furthermore, with the influencer market expanding, the obvious next step is for social platforms to facilitate influencers and businesses in selling to consumers. If someone can complete an online purchase via social media by clicking on a product tag in under a minute, why compel them to check out anywhere else.

Provide An Immersive Shopping Experience With Cutting Edge Technologies

One way to compete with brick and mortar shopping is to offer an immersive shopping experience. Some of the most accessible technology available today can do just that.

Online shopping has evolved into a whole new entity in the last few years, spurring the adoption of cutting-edge technology like augmented reality, virtual reality, and 360-degree videos, allowing customers to experience products in a digitised online shopping platform before purchasing. 

What matters most is how you can make your consumers’ shopping experience more enjoyable and engaging and provide them additional reasons to spend time, return and remain on your website.

Lasting customer loyalty begins with engagement. The use of cutting-edge technological implementations that are unique and relevant to your industry is a sure-fire way to get started.

Offer Around The Clock Service With Artificial Intelligence

Another way eCommerce businesses have a competitive advantage is that the online digital marketing space doesn’t have set trading hours; you’re available 24/7. This is why eCommerce companies are increasingly relying on artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) to provide customers with more tailored shopping experiences, including personalised product suggestions and predictive search results.

From the time a consumer first logs in until they complete their purchase, chatbots help them through the whole process, answering questions and concerns in real-time, around the clock. And where they can’t assist, they provide just enough engagement to build trust and keep a prospective customer from continuing their search elsewhere.

Demand forecasting and individualised shopping experiences may both benefit from more powerful AI.

In Conclusion

With the end of the pandemic in sight, people are once again venturing outdoors  ‒ back to work, back to in-person learning and back into brick and mortar shopping malls. But after completing a holiday season or two by shopping partially or even entirely online, away from the crowds and queues, consumers are not about to turn their backs on eCommerce. Web design can offer highly competitive nuances that businesses only operating in the physical sphere can’t. 

Although trading in both the physical and digital landscape holds significant benefits, we are fast seeing them meld into something collaborative and symbiotic.

Regardless of how many products you offer, Mad Cat Marketing can help you create the optimal online store and meet your specific eCommerce web design requirements.

Our professional and talented website development team is experienced in all of the leading eCommerce service providers. We understand that offering a responsive and well-designed online purchasing platform for your customers is the way forward. Contact us today.

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Well-Focused eCommerce Website Design Will Give Your Online Store The Competitive Edge

eCommerce Website Design

Creating a memorable and seamless online shopping experience is the best way to gain an advantage over your competitors.custom design black nike air max kansas city chiefs super bowl wins lace front wigs human hair shop nfl jerseys nfl jerseys online air jordan nike adidas sneakers women nike air jordan mens shoes mens nike air max 90 sale adidas yeezy boost jordan store nike air max 95 mens nike air max 90 sale adidas sneakers

The digital landscape post-2020 has seen a surge in online shoppers; businesses can’t only rely on well-designed shop fronts funnelling in traffic from crowded shopping centres. Therefore, one needs to consider the importance and profitability of well-executed eCommerce website design. Focussing on the latest trends, customer behaviours, and best practices will have virtual shoppers lining up, browsing and checking out of your online store in their numbers.

Make Branding A Priority

Online shopping requires trust; people want to buy from established brands – not from faceless eCommerce sites that feel like a front for credit card fraud.

Branding is like the DNA of any eCommerce business.

Establish a brand identity and find ways to integrate it with the design elements of your eCommerce Site. Ask yourself the following questions:

    • What Is My Brand’s Personality?
    • What Problems Does My Brand Want To Solve? 
    • What Makes My Brand Different? 

Time to Colour In

Once establishing your businesses identity, it’s time to add a little colour; you cant base the themes of your eCommerce website design on your favourite colour. There is a science behind colour psychology.

For example, red evokes excitement and passion – studies suggest that a purchase button coloured in red can increase sales by up to 34 %. Have you ever noticed that over half of all logos feature the colour blue? This is because the colour encourages trust and cooperation.

All colours evoke emotion – black coming across as formal and thoughtful. White indicates cleanliness and positivity. Greens are associated with nature and wealth, and it’s a colour the human eye can never get tired of. Choose yellows to represent optimism. Orange is a colour that is popular with representatives from a younger generation. Purples boast the feeling of luxury and tranquillity.

Your eCommerce website design should have a colourway that speaks to your audience.

Easy To Navigate

Crafting long descriptions is essential, but remember that most of your audience won’t read it, organise your content in a way that highlights key information. Break down with headings and ensure calls to action are bold so they stand out.

Nothing can kill sales quicker than a clunky product page; you can frustrate and even lose a customer by making them click around looking for particular items. Using filters like; colour, size, price range, style and categorising your products will help shoppers find and complete purchases quicker.

Proof Of Purchase

Reviews are viewed more than product descriptions; people want to see how the shopping experience was for others before handing over their money. Adding a section for ratings and testimonials where customers can add their own comments and product pictures is a great way to show transparency.

Seamless Checkout 

A click on the ‘checkout’ button still doesn’t mean a guaranteed sale; this final and vital step can be a deal-breaker if your checkout procedure is not efficient and transparent – the design on your checkout page should be clean, simple and easy to follow.

Offer different payment and shipping options, be clear about your returns policy, give options to register to your website or check out as a guest. Once a purchase is complete – the customer should receive an email with confirmation and tracking details – it is the most exciting part of making an online purchase other than actually receiving it.

In Conclusion

A well-focused eCommerce website design is vital to your brands’ success, especially as more people are shopping online. Stand out by using high-quality images, professional layouts and up to date design elements. Regularly visit your website as a customer to understand their perspective of the shopping experience and be sure to troubleshoot any bugs.

Whether you are selling one product or thousands, Mad cat marketing can help develop the perfect online store for a seamless customer experience. Our experienced designers are experienced in all leading eCommerce design providers.

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