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Hiring A Newcastle Web Design Company Versus Doing-It-Yourself

web Design

As a business owner, you must always be on top of your industry and adjust to the ever-changing elements of your industry’s marketing landscape. It doesn’t matter what kind of company you run; in today’s times, your business in Newcastle needs web design to ensure a phenomenal online adidas shoes custom hockey jersey custom nfl jersey cheap nfl jersey cheap nike air max adidas yeezy 700 custom football jerseys nfl jersey sales nike air jordan 4 make a custom jersey best sex toys best sex toy for men nike air jordan 11 legend blue nbashop custom nfl jerseys

DIY online website design has become incredibly popular for regular people to design and build their own websites. However, is this the right fit for your business, or should you hire a professional team?

DIY Web Design

The Pros

It’s convenient and easy to get a fully functional website up and running quickly as soon as a couple of hours. Various templates are available to suit multiple sites, and there are e-commerce frameworks to help you get started. The best thing about DIY website building tools is that they are inexpensive, and you don’t need any coding experience to get started.

The Cons 

You have limited access to features, and although there are some uses for the templates, you cannot customise them to suit your business. In shared hosting, your website will share resources with other websites on the system. Slower loading speeds and complete outages are risks associated with shared hosting. You typically cannot backup your website when you use a website builder, which makes moving to another platform a challenge. DIY websites have a major disadvantage when it comes to search engine rankings. This can be detrimental to any company.

Web Design Experts

The Cons

The initial cost of a web design agency will cost more. Creating a customised website also takes time, and there are various phases to be worked through before testing the site and its launch. During the process, it may feel as if your website is out of your control and you’ll only be presented with the final project. Communication can get overwhelming as the agency gets to know your business.

The Pros

Professional web designers identify patterns and common online marketing issues because they work with many clients across different industries. Count on them to make your website design sleek, user-friendly and compelling by bringing experience, expertise, software and other resources to the project. Besides design aesthetics, there are many skills that ensure that your website converts visitors into loyal clients, not bouncers! A web design team will help you set a goal and reach it.

It’s ultimately up to you whether you want to do your own web design or hire an agency. Be an informed decision-maker by considering each pro and con in your business’s best interests.

Mad Cat Marketing is dedicated to your business’s growth. For professional web design in Newcastle, book a free session with us today.

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Building Websites That Are Lead-Generating And Consumer-Friendly

Lead Generation

The website has become almost imperative to a small business’s growth today. The benefits and ROI (Return On Investment) easily outweigh any misconceptions or hesitance on the owner’s part. Having a reachable platform, built by experts specialising in web design in Newcastle, ensures that you target the right customers. And generated interest leads to paying customers.custom football jersey nike air max sale outlet nike men’s air max adidas outlet sex toys vibrators nike air jordan mid custom team jerseys adidas white shoes glueless lace front wigs adidas promo code adidas yeezy boost nike air jordan 11 we the best jordan 5 cheap wigs best nfl uniforms

The objective of any website is to raise brand awareness and engage your prospect. But a common misstep many small businesses make is pushing their efforts toward just being present online. By focusing on your customer, you are likely to build a website that appeals to them and increases potential conversion rates.

These are key areas to consider when developing a business website.

Highlight Contact Information 

Consumers who cannot locate contact information on a website will quickly leave. Although it can seem like an obvious aspect to include online, it can sometimes be left behind or difficult to find.

Make It Easier To Move Around 

Poor navigation can be more significant than you realise. If prospective customers struggle to move around on your website, looking for specific information, they will click away. Businesses can lose leads to competitors by not placing enough emphasis on this.

Think About Adaptability 

To stand out today, businesses have to ensure their websites can adapt to various devices. If a website is built for the dimensions of a laptop only, it can frustrate prospects who are utilising mobile devices and tablets.

Test Your Speed 

Consumer behaviour online dictates that information needs to be accessible immediately. And businesses need to comply if they hope to make a sale. If web pages lag when loading, prospects will lose interest and move on.

Having a website is not enough; it needs to create meaningful connections and have value for a prospect. But so many on the internet simply miss the mark. Some businesses forget that their website is for their customers and build it to meet their own preferences rather than their audience’s.

Mat Cat Marketing can boost your digital marketing strategies with our tailored services such as web design in Newcastle and more. Speak to us today to develop a website for your business that will retain customers effectively.

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Upcoming Web Design Trends For Businesses Worldwide In 2022

web design trends

Due to technological advancements, there has been an increase in complexity in websites over the past several years. Still, businesses must adapt to cultural phenomena, smartphones continue to grow more powerful, and online privacy and security have become top-of-mind for many jersey shop cheap lace front wigs sex toy store lesbian sex toys nike air max 270 custom jerseys near me cheapest jordan 1 baseball jerseys custom nfl jersey shop football jerseys nike air jordan low wig sales custom soccer jerseys wig shop best sex toy for men

Clear, transparent and simple websites are set to achieve the most success in the market in 2022. Below we explore the year’s hottest trends in web design for businesses based in Newcastle and worldwide to keep their eye on.

1: Reduce The Noise

The current trend favours a minimalist aesthetic, so you’ll want to avoid using too many features that compete for an audience’s attention. A web page overloaded with animations, textures, colours and typography is challenging to navigate.

Instead of introducing extra features, enhance your design by identifying an integral focus and emphasising it. With less text and more visuals, 2022 will be all about a more minimalist approach to communication. Instead of cramming everything onto one page, page design moves toward lighter, more exploratory experiences.

2: Ramp Up Security Measures

Websites that lack SSL certificates perform poorly in Google searches. When users visit a website and do not see a lock sign or the HTTPS protocol, they get alarmed. Receiving those anxiety-inducing pop-up warnings about possible threats deters viewers from continuing to navigate. Therefore, SSL certificates are a required security safeguard for all types of web pages.

Ascertain that the backup data for your website adheres to ISO 27018 standards. Data stored in the cloud is not impenetrable to hackers. ISO 27018 is a collection of methodologies and procedures for ensuring the security of user data.

Whether your site processes payments via credit or debit cards, online payments or PayPal, you want to work with a reputable source. Utilise service-level APIs, and offer several payment methods for users to feel more reliant on the fact that their payments will go through securely and their info is protected.

3: Foster An Inclusive Space

“Inclusivity” is a political phrase that gets tossed about too readily. But at its foundation, it’s a philosophy that every designer should embrace: make every attempt to be inclusive where inclusion was previously lacking. Moreover, it’s a concept that’s far from strange in today’s highly individualised global market.

It’s essential to incorporate inclusive design into most aspects of the design process, from strategic considerations regarding the website’s target audience to tone of voice and personalisation.

The common concept is that your website should be designed in such a way that everyone who wants to may not only access but also connect and relate to the information you’re presenting, from media to language to alt text.

4: Cultivate An Interactive Space

When it comes to user experience, many believe that empowering users to make their own choices regarding how they view and interact with the site is the best way to maintain engagement. The idea of allowing users to do more than just scroll up and down the page is being implemented among some of the most popular websites nowadays, allowing the audience to customise many aspects of the design interface.

Take advantage of an interactive interface that displays on the loading screen, giving users options such as picking day/night modes, backdrop colours or themes, scroll-triggered animations and interactive questionnaires.

5: Keep Looking Forward

Of course, this list is not an exclusive one. We have an entire year ahead of us, and the digital market is constantly evolving. As a weary world enters a new era post-pandemic, one trend we are seeing many businesses adopt in their online presence is to spread a message of hope and positivity. Keep your chin up, keep looking forward, and share your optimism and success with your audience.

Your website may well be the first impression prospective customers get of your business. Today’s most successful and on-trend websites are clean, simple, secure, inclusive, interactive and (this goes without saying) mobile-friendly, and a must-have if you want customers to (quickly and easily) find you.

Mad Cat Marketing’s scope of service includes web design in Newcastle. We are an Australia based digital marketing agency that provides extensive digital marketing services worldwide. Get in touch today.

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How To Ensure Your Website Design Meets Global Standards


So you need to hire someone for web design in Newcastle, but you know nothing about it. After all, that’s why you’re looking to hire professionals who can do it for you. Professionals, however, will often be obliged to do exactly what the client wants – even when the client’s demands might result in a subpar product because the client is not a web design expert.nflshop wigs on sale sex toys for women nfl jersey sales cheap wigs online adidas running shoes best couples sex toys nike air max terrascape 90 nfl jerseys cheap nfl shop free shipping nike air maxes 95 best sex toys for women custom jerseys hockey jersey customizer nike air jordan 11 legend blue

If you want to make sure that you don’t end up as one of those clients who unintentionally undermines the design through lack of knowledge, it’s a good idea to get yourself acquainted with some key web design best practices.

The more you know, the more in line with global web design standards your instructions will be, and the better end-product you will likely get!

The Don’ts

Conventions are in place for a reason – because they work. Don’t mess with them too much!

These common-place design traditions have been tried and tested many times over and have been proven to be reliable. Website visitors know these conventions well and are familiar with them, thereby making their navigation experience feel like second nature. Bucking conventions unnecessarily can result in a frustrating experience for visitors to your site.

Speaking of frustrating website experiences, nothing is worse than a slow website. People will likely leave if it takes more than a few seconds for a page to load. Therefore, if you have to compromise on something, don’t let it be your website’s speed.

A good web designer will find a way to make images and videos load fast through techniques such as compression, caching and embedded links, among others.

When it comes to pictures, fonts and colours, don’t overdo it because clutter will overwhelm visitors and drive them away. Use these aesthetic tools sparingly to maximise their impact. In any case, search engines are more interested in text than pretty colours, fonts or images, so rather focus on that.

On that note, don’t make your webpage copy overly long. Anyone who sees an endless paragraph of text is likely to be put off. Keep it as short and punchy as possible!

The Dos

Do make sure that your website is mobile-friendly. Statistics show that most visitors to your website will be using mobile devices, so you need to ensure that your website is mobile optimised.

Do make sure that your webpage copy has correct spelling, grammar and punctuation. Nothing screams unprofessional like poorly edited copy. On that note, do strive to make your website visually appealing.

Although you should respect conventions, do strive to be innovative, creative and unique at the same time. You want to stand out if possible, so try to use conventions in an unconventional way while retaining ease of navigation.

To make sure you get great web design in Newcastle that meets global best practice standards, contact Mad Cat Marketing now!

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Everything A Startup’s Web Design Needs To Have

Everything A Startup's Web Design

In a digital world, websites, and their design have never been more crucial. As a startup business, web design needs to be a priority as your website is a catalyst to building and supporting your brand, marketing your offerings, nurturing a growing reputation, and promoting your business values.

Additionally, your website needs to be able to drive and increase traffic and support your way to the top of search engine results pages. Hiring a professional web designer in Newcastle is a sure way of ending up with a well functioning, well performing website.

Everything A Web Design Needs To Have

Priorities Adaptive Content

There are so many different ways and methods that internet users access websites from different devices, and through different data methods. As a startup, you need to make sure that your website is compatible with those devices. This is where web design and an expert web designer come in. They are able to develop a site that’s compatible just about any screen size and adopt a responsive design for your site.

Having a responsive web design means that your web pages are able to perform well on different devices and screens regardless of traffic. So take the mobile-first approach!

K. I. S. S: Keep It Simple, Stupid

With every web design, keeping things simple is the best approach to achieving your business goals and objectives. This approach is also a cost-effective alternative particularly for a startup.

A simple web design for your business in Newcastle can create a lasting impression in the minds of visitors. This is because your site will be clear and go straight to the point of what your target audience is looking for. What’s more, these sites can be daring and flexible when developed by someone with key insights into how your website can be compelling and increase conversions.

Have A Solid Design Strategy

By all means, don’t let your enthusiasm and drive oversight you. When it comes to website design, strategic designing and planning are essential.

Before you go in guns blazing, make sure you have a consultation with your web designer in Newcastle about coming up with a web design strategy. Doing so will help avoid having to return to the drawing board and correcting errors that could have been avoided. Make sure that you have clearly defined features of your site.

Make sure that everything is also well-structured so that visitors know where to go and find what they need as easily as possible. From menu links, banners, call-to-actions, visual and content, everything needs to be seamless.

In everything, make sure your web design thinks ahead. Put yourself in the shoes, or perhaps fingers and thumbs, eyes and minds of your potential visitors and customers. Think about how you’d like to experience a website before creating one.

At Mad Cat Marketing, we strive to create websites based on research and insights gathered from our years of experience and professional development. Our web design services in Newcastle are like no other. Speak to us today about your needs.

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Digital Marketing Trends for 2021 You Should Know For Your Web Design

Digital Marketing Forecasts

The digital landscape is ever evolving, bringing new innovations but also creating a continuous need for brands to keep up with trends or face being left behind. With 2021 looming, we’ve scouted for some of the up-and-coming digital marketing services trends that will soon become essential parts of an effective marketing strategy.

Be sure to keep these in mind as you plan your web design for the upcoming year and what you should discuss with digital marketing specialists to keep you at the front of the pack.

Communicate And Market Through Messaging

While we used to rely heavily on e-mail marketing to reach customers, there’s been a surge in brands using direct messaging apps like Facebook Messenger to communicate more quickly and effectively with customers. The core goal is to be within immediate reach in the places where your customers are already spending their time and securing their interest through speedy feedback. Directly messaging via WhatsApp is also becoming a very popular trend, with integration from your website and social platforms directly to a WhatsApp number is possible.

Chatbots And Messaging Automation

You’ll surely have seen these features on many websites and social platforms by now: a direct chat messaging box where you can contact the brand quickly and easily. This process has now been optimised with the introduction of chatbots that automatically reply to messages and thereby reduce response time and manual effort for brand custodians. As you know, feedback and swift communication are key for any business. If you’re equipped with this technology, you won’t have to worry about missing calls or leads.


Content has always been crucial to any brand’s digital presence, be it in the form of blogs, videos, social media updates or any other form of consumable digital media. Everyone caught on to this, years ago, and as a result, producing content that is of a high standard of quality, relevance, and relatability is more important than ever. You’ll need to keep a captive audience’s attention, which is why strategically developed and curated content is crucial. With the advancement of technology, numerous writing tools have emerged that assist in enhancing articles, and one of them is Through its help, you can generate various texts, improve your posts, and so on.

Smarter, More Intuitive AI

AI has become an integral part of our daily lives and is an extremely rapidly progressing sector. Expect to see a lot more automation being available for your digital marketing, including Google’s AI that continuously tracks trends and advises you on how to improve your online marketing to improve your competitive edge and ROI.

Are you ready for the new phase of digital marketing? Contacting a digital expert to assist you with keeping your brand, website and digital strategies up to standard is crucial if you value your business.

If you’re looking for professional e-commerce web design, Newcastle customers trust us here at Mad Cat Marketing for all of their marketing, web design, SEO and other digital needs. Contact us today to find out how we can help you.